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Dear Valued Clients and Families,

Safety is our top priority and we are doing everything we can to keep you and your child safe during therapy. We are currently offering face-to-face visits in our clinic with increased safety measures, as well as online Teletherapy to patients across Ontario.


We have put in place various preventative measures, following recommendations of our regulatory bodies CASLPO and SAC, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  As you are likely aware, during speech and language evaluations and treatments we are often required to be in close proximity to you and/or your child/children and therefore we will be wearing personal protective equipment.  Clients and their caregiver and/or family member will be required to arrive wearing a face mask. Children who are receiving either an assessment or treatment will be asked to wear a face shield if tolerated, which will be provided by our clinic. In addition, the following provisions have been put in place to decrease the risk and transmission of COVID-19 for both our clients and therapists. These include:

  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by each therapist (face shield and clear mask when not demonstrating how speech sounds are made);

  • Pre-screening and screening measures for parent/caregiver, child and therapists;

    • Screening measures at the time of visit will also include taking each client’s temperature via a contact-less thermometer;

  • Closure of waiting area;

  • One parent/caregiver to accompany each child for sessions;

  • Staggered scheduled sessions;

  • Use of hand sanitizers/washing of hands upon entering and exiting the clinic;

  • Fully disinfecting clinic equipment, furniture and door handles before and after each client.


We have made some changes to how we receive payments, which will minimize interactions. You can pay via E-transfer within 24 hours of your visit to

We also ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure your screenings have been completed. 

We hope that with these preventative measures in place you will be able to join us in continuing towards you and/or your child’s speech and language success.

Please send us an email at or call at 705-644-3951 if you would like to resume services for you or your child and we can book an appointment and answer any questions you may have.

Yours in Social Distancing,


Genna Nichol, M.Cl.Sc. (C)
Owner and Speech Language Pathologist
Aspire Speech

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